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The future is (also) biocyclic vegan

The future is (also) biocyclic vegan

The “Biocyclic Vegan Agriculture” quality seal as an opportunity to reach a growing customer group.

In Germany alone there are currently 1.2 million people who have adopted a vegan diet, and the number is growing rapidly year on year. Being vegan is increasingly being seen as a lifestyle and goes far beyond not consuming animal products.

The organisation “Biozyklisch-Veganer Anbau” is dedicated to the holistic issue of a plant-based circular economy, focusing on the positive impacts on the climate, water bodies, soil, biodiversity, animals, health and world food supplies. In agriculture, biocyclic food production excludes all commercial livestock farming and slaughtering of animals and does not use any inputs of animal origin.

As producers of high-quality foods who are concerned about sustainability, we are preparing for certification as a biocyclic vegan producer. In the medium term we plan to offer products that are produced to biocyclic vegan standards and certified as such. We have already taken the first steps. Harald Strassner, our exclusive supplier of rare bush bean varieties in organic quality is the first farmer in Europe to obtain certification. His wide range of pulses that we sell under the MUTTER NATUR brand can make a valuable contribution to a vegan diet.

We plan to offer certified biocyclic vegan beans, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, winter wheat, soya beans and rye from the summer of 2020.


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