“Snacky Bande”, our new product

An organic treat for children in the snack aisle

Snacky Bande is a healthy new snack developed specially for children. Bursting with flavour, the deliciously crunchy apple chunks provide a healthy energy boost for children. During the development process, children aged between three and ten provided valuable feedback at various stages. The young jury was brutally honest. Their responses to the tasting sessions were decisive in choosing the final flavours and shapes for our apple chunks.

Throughout, we placed a strong focus on using choicest organic ingredients. Not only are the apple chunks themselves organic; so are the strawberries and blueberries we add for flavour.

Our aim is to provide a healthy, high-quality alternative to conventional children’s snacks. We tested a range of packaging designs, and both we and the children are very satisfied with the results.


To promote the brand, we created a winsome new online presence and an Instagram channel. We also organised competitions and giveaways for children, accompanied by various fun marketing activities in the B2C area.

As well as being deliciously tasty and crunchy, the new snacks retain all the nutrients and vitamins of the fresh apples. Thanks to these ultra crunchy, healthy fruit chunks, consumers can now enjoy a whole new snack experience. No mess, no crumbs – delicious, high-fibre treat with no added sugar and no artificial flavourings. Perfect for packed lunch boxes!


Our Snacky Bande treats are what we call Pop Fruits. Boasting revolutionary taste, they’re manufactured sustainably and exclusively by Esytria by means of our resource-efficient Eco Dry 2.0 process that handles fruit and vegetables extremely gently.


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