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apple pieces with added flavour

Colourful new snack made from organic Austrian apples

MUTTER NATUR apple pieces from certified organic orchards allow you to snack to your heart’s content, with no regrets. Gently air-dried, these apple pieces are made 100% from sun-ripened Austrian apples before being infused with natural fruit concentrates (lemon, orange or blueberry) for added flavour.


Their bright colours make them a treat for the eyes as well as a unique and crunchy feast for the palate. Not only are they perfect on their own, or as an alternative to chocolate, crisps or fruit gums, but they’re also a great way to spice up desserts or muesli. Moreover, MUTTER NATUR organic apple pieces have another very decided advantage: they don’t make crumbs, and they won’t leave your fingers stained or sticky. Perfect, in other words, as a simple, fun and tasty snack for young and old!

  • Natural snacks
  • Colourful mix
  • Delicious energy boost
  • Sourced from certified organic farms

Range of flavours:

  • Lemon-flavoured organic apple pieces
  • Blueberry-flavoured organic apple pieces
  • Orange-flavoured organic apple pieces




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