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Silver for MUTTER NATUR Bohnellis

Second place in the REGAL HIT Snack Survey

You are no doubt familiar with millet balls and lentil crisps from the snack manufacturer Regal, but have you heard of organic Bohnellis from MUTTER NATUR?

The mini bean balls are a natural product development with extra benefits in the snack sector. The Bohnellis are made with black beans or scarlet runner beans that are grown entirely by organic contract farmers in Austria and processed in Styria.
They are every bit as good as other snacks and yet each pack contains less than one gram of fat. The nutrition expert and dietician Angelika Pinter is enthusiastic about them:

“The Bohnellis are a really fantastic invention. They naturally contain almost no fat, but they are high in protein and nutritious fibre. They are healthier than other snacks and also more practical. No crumbs, no mess, no sticky fingers – ideal for anyone who is often out and about in the car, for example.”


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As a company with firm roots in the region, Estyria is all the more pleased that MUTTER NATUR Bohnellis organic black bean mini balls reached second place in the REGAL HIT Snack Survey 2020, taking the silver medal between Kelly’s and TUC in a high-profile brand environment.
There is a lot more that we could say – but rather than describe MUTTER NATUR Bohnellis, it is better to taste them! Learn more about the product and the Austrian premium organic brand MUTTER NATUR here:


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