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POP fruits – a new market innovation

It’s apple popping time!

A new, patented and environmentally-friendly procedure now enables us to create a sensational new taste for a wide target audience – POP fruits, an exclusive new range by Estyria that’s destined to revolutionise the snack market.

In the beginning was the apple. A popular, healthy and versatile fruit, cultivated in Styria. We set ourselves the task of finding a resource-friendly method that would turn this fruit into a uniquely crunchy and delightfully delectable snack. And we’re now proud to say – mission accomplished!

The patented POP fruits procedure not only uses a straightforward method to dry out the apples and prolong their shelf life, but also makes them unbelievably crispy and crunchy. It’s a new sensation for your taste buds, and a snack that’s both healthy and fun!

Another special bonus of this procedure is that it allows us to add natural fruit juices to the apple pieces. This means we’re able to produce organic strawberry and blueberry-flavoured apple pieces. Not only are they particularly popular with children, but they also have visual and sensory appeal, making them the perfect alternative to unhealthy kid’s snacks that contain lots of added sugar.

The clear focus of the first launch will be on apples, our regional superfood. But we do have various further developments in the pipeline, because the POP procedure can also be used with exotic fruits. For example, it can be used to turn pineapple and mango into amazing and exciting new culinary experiences. Even beetroot and sweet potato are destined to become regular components of children’s packed lunch boxes before long!

The advantages of POP fruits are manifold. They offer consumers a whole new world of snacks with ultra-crunchy, healthy fruit pieces. Parents will love the fact that they’re a healthy, fibre-rich snack, not deep-fried, and with no added sugar or artificial flavours – plus no sticky fingers, and no crumbs! All wrapped up in child-friendly packaging that passed muster by our team of kid’s experts.

One decisive point in favour of POP technology – alongside the compellingly crunchy texture it delivers – is the fact that it’s so resource-friendly. To maximise flavour, volume and crunchiness, the procedure uses vacuum technology to pop the fruit after it has been dried. This uses up to 90% less energy than the conventional freeze-drying method, and makes the product perfect for Steirerkraft’s carbon neutrality.

You’d like to know more? Your key account manager will bring you samples in May, and then you can test our POP fruits for yourself!

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