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Biocyclic vegan beans on sale

Rosas Genusswelt in denn’s organic markets

The biocyclic vegan bean range of the Rosas Genusswelt brand is now available in branches of denn’s organic market in Austria and some in Germany.

They contain all four varieties:
• Organic borlotti cranberry beans
• Organic black beans
• Organic pinto beans
• Organic red beans



A brief repeat: What is biocyclic vegan agriculture?
• Whole-farm approach
• Promotion of species diversity
• Ban on animal-based inputs
• Supports the build-up of hummus
• Protected fields


More about the certification:


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Traditional Styrian
stamp press process

While modernity has brought progress in many areas, the traditional Styrian stamp press process is still the best way of making pumpkin seed oil. The main difference between this and other pressing methods is that we work with open roasting pans. At our plant, people check when the pumpkin seeds are perfectly roasted and so will yield the very best oil. This enables our experienced oil millers to produce the pumpkin seed oil that has won more prizes than any other – and which as a result of this type of pressing retains all the natural constituents. The untreated oil is not filtered; the particles that make it cloudy settle naturally when the oil is left to rest.

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