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The new Estyria has a new website.

The completely redesigned Estyria website has been live for several weeks. The merger of Estyria Naturprodukte GmbH and Semona GmbH called for a new website, and technical adjustments were also needed.

The whole Estyria range from pumpkin seeds and mushrooms to special oils is now displayed to best advantage. Users can quickly find information on the company’s competences and an overview of our strong brands and our product range.

All the contact details of our food experts can be found under “Team” or “Contact”.

All our current certificates and images of our products are available for download as needed. All the details required under the regulation on the provision of food information to consumers is viewable for each product. Under “News” users can find all the items in Kernaktuell together with the latest news.

We are delighted that we now have a website that is 100% responsive and technically state of the art. Our aim was to enhance the user experience by highlighting our priorities and thus give you an insight into our company and our services.


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Traditional Styrian
stamp press process

While modernity has brought progress in many areas, the traditional Styrian stamp press process is still the best way of making pumpkin seed oil. The main difference between this and other pressing methods is that we work with open roasting pans. At our plant, people check when the pumpkin seeds are perfectly roasted and so will yield the very best oil. This enables our experienced oil millers to produce the pumpkin seed oil that has won more prizes than any other – and which as a result of this type of pressing retains all the natural constituents. The untreated oil is not filtered; the particles that make it cloudy settle naturally when the oil is left to rest.

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