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The Steirerkraft cookbook relaunch

Nouvöl Cuisine
Part Eight

Steirerkraft’s “recipe rocker” Anna presents her cookbook

Inspired by Styrian foods, Steirerkraft’s “recipe rockers” conjure up new recipes every year for the annual Nouvöl Cuisine cookbook, which focuses on Styrian cuisine. Beginning in 2014, Estyria has teamed up annually with Bad Gleichenberg’s Tourism Schools and State Tourism College to select one young talent from Styrian high-end gastronomy.

Relaunch of the projet

Now, after eight years, it was time for a change.
Accordingly, the 2021 cookbook with its twenty recipes and the twelve cookery videos have been given a complete style makeover to underscore the culinary signature of the Steirerkraft recipe rocker.

About Anna

This year, Anna Majcan has created sophisticated recipes with an eye to detail, drawing inspiration from her travels and internships around the world. A graduate of Bad Gleichenberg Tourism College, the dishes she presents in “Nouvöl Cuisine Part Eight” unite Styrian cuisine with the highly diverse tastes of the world.

Alongside her role as Steirerkraft recipe rocker, Anna works as a food stylist and runs her own rather unusual catering business named “Pop Up Gschichtln”.

Nouvöl Cuisine Part Eight is due to be published in late summer and will be available in local book stores as well as Steirerkraft’s online shop. It’s a breath of fresh air and full of delightful details

To whet your appetite, here’s a cookery video with Steirerkraft’s recipe rocker Anna:



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