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Mushroom Harvest 2019

The mushroom harvest in autumn 2019

Viewed in global terms, this year is a very poor one for mushrooms: in particular, yields of porcini are far below average.

Even in early summer the porcini harvest in Europe was unsatisfactory, and the autumn harvest is slow. In China the situation is worse than at any time in the past 15 years. The overall result is that this year’s mushroom prices are continuing to rise. Estyria purchased good supplies at the right time and can still buy more, although any topping up will be at higher but still reasonable prices. Estyria is thus without doubt one of the few producers that is able to supply goods on the basis of a large allocation of European produce.

With regard to chanterelles the harvest has been relatively normal. There are only very few horn of plenty mushrooms, and in consequence prices are high.

In the USA and Canada this year’s quantities of morels are also below average. The current harvest in Chile is likewise lower than was expected.


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