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Estyria is committed to supporting endangered wild bees

Wild bees, which include bumble bees, have an irreplaceable role in the ecosystem: without them there would be neither pumpkins nor scarlet runner beans. Bees are responsible for pollinating about 80% of all flowering plants: we rely on their key contribution to be able to produce foods such as pumpkin seed oil at all. In purely economic terms their services are worth up to 500 billion euros.

Estyria is taking responsibility and has entered into long-term collaboration with the Austrian League for Nature Conservation Naturbund Österreich. The mission is to educate people about the importance of wild bees and to lead by example.

Everyone can do something to create and preserve habitat for wild bees: you should let nature play a part in your garden design, for example by establishing flower strips. This creates safe havens where plants can finish forming their flowers and ripening their seeds.

Steirerkraft’s contract farmers do this in their fields. The flight radius of wild bees is no more than two kilometres, which means that every space is important, however small. It is also worth providing nesting aids as nurseries for bees.

Why are wild bees endangered? Is a wild bee a feral honey bee? How to you make a nesting aid and establish a wildflower meadow? The “bee happy” project answers these questions at

In autumn 2019 there will be a major lottery with more than 100 nesting aids as prizes. In addition, Estyria is producing its own illustrated picture book to help children understand the importance of wild bees.


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