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A golden start to spring

It’s raining gold for Estyria

The spring of 2020 again brings a clutch of awards for Estyria

In terms of awards, the outstanding quality of its products has again showered Estyria with gold this spring. In all the award processes, the company’s submissions scored highly.

For example, all the pumpkin seed oils submitted for the State Prize met all the jury’s criteria for an award.

Motivating news in challenging times

Leading the way, the Steirerkraft brand Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI, winner of the pumpkin seed oil championship 2018/19, has been awarded the State Prize for the 20th time.
Its unmistakable, slightly nutty aroma and its wide-ranging uses in the kitchen are also appreciated by the testers of Gault Millau 2020 and so Steirerkraft’s rich green Styrian pumpkin seed oil PGI is again one of the top recommendations of the Austrian gourmet critics – who, as you know, also award toques to the country’s top chefs.

This means that Estyria’s pumpkin seed oils have still won more awards that any others in Europe


A dozen golds for organic products from Estyria

But it is not just Estyria’s pumpkin seed oil that has been “gilded” – other products of Estyria Naturprodukte GmbH have also won awards. In total the company has raked in twelve DLG gold medals for the outstanding quality of its organic products, including organic pumpkin seeds. In addition, Estyria has repeatedly received awards from the food testing centre of the German agricultural society DLG for its long-term, outstanding product quality.

Recently, 5 DLG golds for conventional edible oils demonstrate even more clearly that Estyria’s high product standards extend across all product categories.

Find out more about Estyria’s high processing quality here.


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Immer auf dem neuesten Stand


Traditional Styrian
stamp press process

While modernity has brought progress in many areas, the traditional Styrian stamp press process is still the best way of making pumpkin seed oil. The main difference between this and other pressing methods is that we work with open roasting pans. At our plant, people check when the pumpkin seeds are perfectly roasted and so will yield the very best oil. This enables our experienced oil millers to produce the pumpkin seed oil that has won more prizes than any other – and which as a result of this type of pressing retains all the natural constituents. The untreated oil is not filtered; the particles that make it cloudy settle naturally when the oil is left to rest.

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