New Head of Consumer Sales

New Head of Consumer Sales

We’re delighted to announce that with immediate effect, Mr Alfred Glatz has been appointed our new Head of Consumer Sales.

Allow us to introduce him in the following interview…

Hello Mr Glatz, and welcome to Estyria!

Question: Mr Glatz, over the years you’ve gained considerable experience in the field of food marketing, and have worked for various companies in management roles with HR responsibilities. Could you tell us a little more about your career to date?

Alfred Glatz: With pleasure! I’ve been working in food sales for many years now, and have had the privilege of serving in management positions in a variety of companies. I’m highly familiar with Austrian food retailers, discounters and wholesalers. My experience in the field has given me comprehensive insights into the industry and the various different sales channels. I’ve also gained considerable HR experience from my previous positions.

Question: Could you tell us where you worked last before joining us?

A.G. I worked for Marcher Feinkost GmbH (Loidl und Landhof). I’ve always attached great importance to sustainable, responsible business practices, which is why I now feel so at home working in sales for Estyria with their natural, regional food products.

Question: You believe communication should be open and fast. What are the advantages and strengths of this approach?

A.G. I’m convinced that open, fast communication is essential to the success of a company. Open communication generates trust and helps team members to understand each other better. It also enables people to address problems early on and work together to find the best solutions. Fast communication is especially important in the context of responding swiftly to changing markets and customer needs. It allows us to act flexibly and keep our customers satisfied.

Question: How will you use your expertise and commitment to establish a relationship and reputation with customers as a reliable partner?

A.G. Thanks to years of experience in food sales, I have an extensive understanding of the market and I know what our customers need. I’ll be using my expertise to support the team and develop solutions that meet our customers’ needs and requirements. I’ll be liaising closely with them to understand their expectations and offer them high-quality products and services. I’ll listen closely to their suggestions and concerns, and proactively seek ways of increasing customer satisfaction. This approach will help us reaffirm the good relationships we already enjoy with our customers and cement our reputation as a reliable partner.

Question: What goals and expectations do you have for your future role in our company?

A.G. My goals are to help the company develop further and strengthen our market position. I aim to further expand our customer relations and identify new business opportunities. In terms of expectations, I look forward to working in a dynamic work environment with a great team spirit – an environment that respects my expertise and where I can use my abilities to the full. Together with the team, I want to make the company even more successful and achieve long-term customer satisfaction.

Question: How do you relax after a stressful day?

A.G. I love being outdoors in nature, whether walking or cycling. That really helps me unwind.

Question: Last but not least… do you have a favourite Estyria product or food that you particularly identify with?

A.G. Yes! Pumpkin seed oil. It not only has a totally unique taste; it’s also closely associated with our wonderful region as its flagship product.

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Traditional Styrian
stamp press process

While modernity has brought progress in many areas, the traditional Styrian stamp press process is still the best way of making pumpkin seed oil. The main difference between this and other pressing methods is that we work with open roasting pans. At our plant, people check when the pumpkin seeds are perfectly roasted and so will yield the very best oil. This enables our experienced oil millers to produce the pumpkin seed oil that has won more prizes than any other – and which as a result of this type of pressing retains all the natural constituents. The untreated oil is not filtered; the particles that make it cloudy settle naturally when the oil is left to rest.

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